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Individualized Skills and Socialization

As of March 1, 2023- Day Habilitation Services permanently changed to Individualized Skills and Socialization

What is On-Site Individualized Skills and Socialization?
  • Provides person-centered activities
  • Supports the pursuit and achievement of employment 
  • Provides personal assistance for an individual who cannot manage personal care needs 
  • Provides assistance with medications and the performance of tasks delegated by a Registered Nurse (RN)
What is Off-Site Individualized Skills and Socialization ?
  • Provides activities that:
    • Integrate an individual into the community 
    • Promote the development of skills and behaviors that support independence and personal choice 
What is Individualized Skills and Socialization? 
In the words of our director
"At Abiding Choice Individualized Skills and socialization, we work with our clients on socialization and life skills.  Each of our clients has objectives and goals they want to develop.  Some of the fun things we do are play games or cards, read, craft, watch movies, have themed days and so much more.  We also go out into the community to practice basic life skills and to have fun outings."


The vision we have for ISS is to create an environment where our clients can have fun, feel comfortable and learn new things. We encourage clients to try new things, make new friends and experience things they may not have done before.
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